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"Occasional Astronauts" is a versatile, top-quality cover band that caters its performance to any type of venue or event.  Whether it be a full-band rock show, an intimate acoustic setting, or something in between, this band has you covered.  Night Clubs, Corporate Events, small Coffeehouses, or Private Parties.... no room is too big or too small.  Every booking includes:

- Pro sound equipment/lighting 

- Professional attitude

- Crafted set lists

- Appropriate break music between sets

- Attention to volume constraints


With many years of experience, "Occasional Astronauts" understands that the patrons come first, and always do their best to keep the crowd rocking, dancing, and having a good time.  With no obscure B-sides from unknown artists on the list, every song the band performs has been on the radio at one point in time, occasionally with an interesting interpretation.  Rock, Country, Pop, Reggae, and even a smidge of old school Hip-Hop are all included in OA's repertoire. 

For available dates and other info, contact us at:

Or call:

Tel: 407-617-8600


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